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The Interactive page is where you will find all the games and activities that you can play to earn cards or find the activities that you need to level up. Games are divided as follows: weekly games are divided into two different categories, KAT and TUN, which changed every week (that means one week we'll have KAT games, and then next week we'll have TUN games). Biweekly games, or DASH games, are updated every other week. KAT-TUN and Casino games are updated every Thursday. JE Games are updated on the first of every month.

KAT Games

Game Desciption Updated
Memory with Kame Kame thinks that his memory is really good. Can you beat him? (Easy Memory) 03rd March
Jin's Puzzle Someone tore up one of Jin's photographs. Help him piece it back together. (Hard Puzzle) 03rd March
Tic Tac Toe with Junno No one wants to play tic tac toe with Junno. Will you play with him? 03rd March
Fanmail Send some fanmail to a member of KAT-TUN, and see if they reply back. (Pick a Member) 03rd March
I SPY with KAT KAT has two almost identical photos, with some differences. Can you pick out all of the differences for a reward? 03rd March
KAT's Cards KAT have really messy TCG posts, so they're trying to fix it up, but Jin can't figure out which TCG this card belongs to. (Guess the Affiliate) 03rd March

TUN Games

Game Desciption Updated
Ueda's Puzzle Help Ueda piece together a puzzle. (Easy Puzzle) 15th February
Scrabble Help Kouki unscramble a word for this game of scrabble. 15th February
Lucky Kouki Do you have any of the same cards as Kouki? (Lucky Card) 15th February
Maru and the Lyrics Help Maru remember the lyrics that he forgot (Missing Lyrics). 15th February
Majority Rules Help TUN decide on what they should do. 15th February
Which Song? TUN don't remember which KAT-TUN song this is. Help them figure it out. 15th February

DASH Games

Game Desciption Updated
Freeze Frame Help Dash put the given scenes in order. 15th February
Build a Deck Donate images to build a themed deck. 15th February
Staff Question Answer DASH's question on the staff members of AON. 15th February
Mr. Potato Head Help Dash identify the cards that Mi-chan pasted together. 15th February
Song Info Answer Dash's questions on KAT-TUN songs. 15th February


Game Description Updated
Jin's Dictionary Help Jin translate a word from Japanese to English. 20th August
Junno's Dilemma Help Junno remember who is singing the line in a song. 20th August
Kame's Accident Help Kame figure out which card is which. 20th August
Kouki's Predicament Help Kouki figure out who is in the picture. 20th August
Maru's Trivia Answer Maru's trivia questions for a prize. 20th August
Ueda's Loss Help Ueda find his missing fairy friend. 20th August

Casino Games*

Game Desciption Updated
Poker Play a game of Poker with Kouki. 16th July
Slots Refresh to get three matching images for a prize. 16th July
Black Jack Play a game of Black Jack with Kouki. 16th July
Chouhan Guess if the dice are evens or odds. 16th July
Lottery Fill out a ticket and see if your numbers get pulled. 16th July

JE Games

Game Desciption Updated
Stamp Cards Trade with members to earn cards. 09th July
Trade Pool Exchange your card for a card in the trade pool. 09th July
Clue Follow a series of clues to find out who done it.. 09th July
KAT-TUN&Friends Answer a question about another JE group. 09th July
Birthday Decks Donate images for a birthday deck. 09th July