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Shounen Club

In order to participate in the activities here, you should have alrady reached KAT-T level, that means you have to have a minimum of 301 cards. On this page, there are just some activities that you can participate in.
To level up from KAT-T to KAT-TU you need to complete at least two of these.
To level up from KAT-TU to KAT-TUN, you need to have completed at least two of these activities. Completing more than two only increases card count for you. You are not allowed to do these tasks anymore once you reach KAT-TUN. Then, you would be asked to do tasks at Tokyo Dome.

A form will be added to this page as soon as the first person reaches the minimum level.

Quick Links: Solo Performance | Group Performance | Letter Reading | Mr. X | Requesting Form | Completed Form


Solo Performance

Juniors on Shounen Club often have solo performances where they're performing by themselves (singing), and that is what this activity is based on. In order to complete a solo performance, you will have to complete a task given to you. That task would be to collect half of a certain deck and turn in the cards. The deck will be chosen randomly and will not be a deck that you are collecting/planning to collect. If you have already completed the two minimum tasks that you need to level, doing this task will reward you with three random cards (half of what you collected) as well as a kame skull and a maru skull.

Group Performance

Juniors on Shounen Club most often do performances with their group and with other groups. So, in order for you to complete a group perfromance, you will have to work with at least one other person, and more than four people. To complete a group performance is to collect 3/4 of a deck. That means, you will need to collect 9 out of a 12 card deck. The deck will be randomly chosen and will not be a deck that anyone is currently collecting. The cards should be displayed on one of the member's sites. If you have already completed the two minimum tasks that you need to level, doing this task will reward you and your group members with four random cards and a akan and maru skull.

Letter Reading

Letter reading tasks are probably the most simple in Shounen Club. On the actual show, two Juniors write letters addressing the other, and then read them aloud in front of the audience, cameras, and other juniors. To complete a letter reading task, all you have to do is help another member reach their collecting deck mastery. For example, if Mi-chan was to participate in the letter reading task, she would have to trade at least two cards with someone who is collecting those cards. If she saw that Satsuki was collecting Dajare, she would trade at least two Dajare cards with her. Please do not submit a form saying that you hvae completed this task unless the person has already logged it into their tradelog, since we will be checking.

Mr. X

Mr. X is a game that they play on Shounen Club from time to time where there is a mystery person whose voice is altered and is hidden backstage. Four juniors are to guess who Mr. X is by asking questions or using clues given to them from the audience, etc. Given clues about a certain person from KAT-TUN who is Mr. X, you are to collect three cards featuring that person and turn them in. You can only turn in your three cards once, so make sure that you have the correct person when you turn in your cards. You may use anything and anyone as your source, except for the person who gave you the clues (i.e., If Satsuki gives you the clues, you may consult with Mi-chan who the person may be if you do not know, but you may not consult Satsuki).

Future Task

-Building a Mic

Requesting Form

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Completed Task Form

Fill out this form when you have completed a Shounen Club challenge! :D

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