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Ooops no update last week! :( I'm sorry for the lack of updates and stuff, its just hard now that I have a second part time job ;_;! Especially because I'm never sure when I'll be working or not T_T so sometimes I plan to update AON but then get called to go to work! I'm really sorry about that~ I'm going to try and think of some way to improve things so that there are updates on time! XD


this week I've done the KAT games^^; and there was a problem with one of the games last week (Which song) so I've fixed that too! XD


we have a new one this week! :D

I can't actually work on Monday^^ so we should be able to have another update then! XD Sorrry this weeks is so late D: I meant to do it yesterday but I ran out of time! XD Because of all the lack of updates everyone can take one choice card (normal or special but non-masterable) and comment to say what you took ^^; see you next week~

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 02 Mar 2010 by Mi-chan

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