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Tokyo Dome

In order to participate in the activities here, you should have already reached KAT-TUN level. On this page, there are just some activities that you can participate in once a month. The activities here will be harder than on Shounen club, thus requiring you tobe KAT-TUN level.

A form will be added to this page as soon as the first person reaches the minimum level.

Quick Links: Concert Performance | Countdown Performance


Concert Performance

Concerts held in Tokyo are most commonly held in Tokyo Dome. In order to complete a concert performance, you must complete a series of tasks. there will be a total of three tasks for you to complete which will be a mixture of tasks that you may have already done in Shounen Club, as well as other random miscellaneous tasks that are not part of Shounen Club (as of yet.)

Countdown Performance

Countdown are held once a year, obviously at the end of the year, during the end of the year countdown. To complete a Countdown Performance, you must complete the task of collecting twelve cards, but not just any twelve cards. The twelve cards will be chosen randomly from various decks. Once you collect all twelve cards, you'll have a countdown.