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Note: This is the current members list, if you do not update for two months you will be moved to the Inactive members list! :)

= prejoin member! (on prejoin deck)
= normal prejoin member
= member is on hiatus


Name E-mail Site Collecting Birthday

Level K

Name E-mail Site Collecting Birthday
Chohee @ WWW Koki '09 21st Jan
JeHyun @ WWW Pear 05th Aug
Jen @ WWW Sparking 01st Apr
Kou @ WWW Busy Now 18th Oct
Mac Dye @ WWW Lips 28th June
Memorywind @ WWW Care 30th Jan
Momo @ WWW Yukan 22nd June
Liric @ WWW Dajare 09th Oct
Lisa @ WWW Taiyou 18th Feb
Maia @ WWW Sparking 09th Sept
Miki @ WWW Midnight 18th May
Punkin @ WWW After Dark 28th Aug
Queeny @ WWW LOVEJUICE 20th May
Rai @ WWW Best Friend 14th Mar
Roxy @ WWW Chichi 23rd Dec
Sami @ WWW White Xmas 20th Dec
Sere @ WWW Party 23rd Sept
Satsuki @ WWW Nori Nori 01st Aug
Spam @ WWW Aikotoba 29th Apr
Terresa @ WWW Secret 26th July
Yeppie @ WWW Futsuu 02nd May

Level KA

Name E-mail Site Collecting Birthday
Adiira @ WWW Moment 30th Sept
Dee @ WWW You 25th May
Heroin Lamb @ WWW Care 31st Aug
Julzy @ WWW Sparking 05th Aug
Mio @ WWW Sparking 26th Aug

Level KAT

Name E-mail Site Collecting Birthday
Alex @ WWW Rescue 01st May
Katoshi @ WWW Don't stop 15th January
Katy Jane @ WWW Moment 16th Dec
Miki-chan @ WWW Seiteki 11th Apr

Level KAT-T

Name E-mail Site Collecting Birthday
Elizabethh @ WWW Doki doki 21st Jul
Honey @ WWW Real Nude 11th May
Lily @ WWW White Xmas LE 27th June
Meiko @ WWW Butterfly 28th Aug
Mi-chan @ WWW Shiawase 14th Feb
Mikomi @ WWW Nori Nori 19th Jan
Mystika_d @ WWW White Xmas 22nd Nov
Pam @ WWW Taiyou 06th Sept
Plueschiii @ WWW RF Shorty 16th Aug
Uyuki @ WWW Powerful 17th Aug
Vidi @ WWW Yorokobi 01st Oct

Level KAT-TU

Name E-mail Site Collecting Birthday
AmeHoshi @ WWW Camera 07th Oct
Lovemimmie @ WWW Real Face PB 19th Jan
Michelle @ WWW BTR Kuro 12th Apr


Name E-mail Site Collecting Birthday
Papier @ WWW Rescue 24th June
Sam @ WWW Jin in NY 08th Jan
Tracey @ WWW Maru '09 26th July