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01. No cheating:
- cheating includes saving images from the site and saying you won them from a game when you never played the game.
- Or refreshing the prize page to get cards you want.
- Also do not take freebies or cards from decks in the old updates. If there is a new update, then you may not take any cards from any of the updates below.

02. Please use a sensible name, nothing like "AkAnIsHi LoVeR 4EvA" becauses its too long and do you really want people to put that in their trade logs? :P
- If a trader has the same name as you, we will add a number after your name.

03. You must have a working email address, how else can we send you cards?

04. You also need a website - where you can host your cards. It can be a livejournal, greatestjournal account or a free-hosting site or a blog site.

05. Please make sure if you are using livejournal or a blog, that your cards are easy to find. We do not want to have to spend 5~10 minutes trying to find your cards.

06. Please keep a detailed tradelog, so that we can see exactly how you earned your cards. An example of a trade log can be seen on the Guide page.

07. Make sure you have read the Guide page before you join, so that you understand how the TCG runs.

08. Try to get your cards up within one week of receiving your starter pack. And put nut-tak in the comments box to receive one extra card in your starter pack.

09. Please do not direct link. If you try to - we will find out and you will be penalised.

10. Please do not play in any games until you are off the pending list, and finally, please be courteous and respectful to all the traders as well as the staff.

Phew. Now that you've read all that~ I hope you still want to Join! ^_^