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^^;; Please read this to understand exactly what this TCG is about and how it works! Sorry that its so long! If you don't understand something, or feel that I missed something out, please email me.

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"ALL OR NOTHING" is an online Trading Card game (TCG), where basically you aim to collect "cards". It works just like trading card games that are not online.

This TCG is dedicated to the Johnny's group KAT-TUN, so all the decks, cards and games are related to KAT-TUN.


If you want to join AON^^; please read the rules and also this guide! XD After that please fill out the form~
Just in case people are confused:
- When you are filling out the form~ please include an image (of someone in KAT-TUN) that you would like on your member card.
- This image can be uploaded anywhere~ and just include the URL where it says "Member Card image"!

Trading with other members

The purpose of a TCG is to collect and also trade cards with other members!
- Trading is simple, most members have their email (or a form) on their webpage, and if you see a card you want, you can email them (or fill out their form) to ask them for the card and offer them one in return. Hopefully one from a deck that they are collecting or that is on their wishlist!
- Please also be polite, and not rude to the trader.
- If they reply, and agree to the trade and sent you your card (and you have sent your card to them) you must take down the card you sent them, and put up the one you received.
- It is necessary to record the trade (as well as all the cards you receive from games) in a log: see the example below~

29th Sept 2007
- Traded my Care 01 for Boxer 03 with Banana
- Donated a badgeset and received: Turtle 02, Fuyu 04, Hadaka 12 & 1 Kame skull


There are three types of cards at ALL OR NOTHING: normal, retired & special.

The normal cards are the ones given in all games, and also update freebies. When you master a normal deck - you receive a master badge, 1 choice card, 1 Koki skull & 2 random cards or instead of the Koki skull + choice card, you can choose 1 special card
When you master a normal deck, the first 6 people to master the deck get a special badge)! Some examples of normal cards are below: (do not take these they are not freebies!)

Retired cards are normal card decks that have been mastered 8 or more times! They are harder to collect and are only found in some games (such as memory)! You can also get them for mastering a deck, Ueda skulls, and when we give them out! XD For more information on retired decks read about them here!

Special cards~ are much rarer and harder to collect! Special cards are usually album or single decks, and they have a different master badge.
Special cards can only be won from mastering decks, and certain games (currently "Pick a member" - will be more chances later), and also by trading in Maru skulls! They are not offered as freebies in updates and will be given out on special occasions.
You can only trade a special card for another special card!!
Below are some special cards and also the master badge: (do not take these they are not freebies!)

Master badges: (note: 2nd & 3rd master badges look the same)

Member Cards:

When you first join ALL OR NOTHING you get your member card, every member has one!
Member cards do not count in your card count, however every time you collect 12 - you can send in a mastery form and receive 1 choice card.
You may take mine & Satsuki's from below as the first in your collection~

Earning Cards:

There are multiple ways to earn cards, it is easier to trade when you have more cards because you have more to offer others.
- These are the ways you can earn cards:

- Playing games: once you are off the pending list and have put up your cards, you can play the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly games to earn cards. You can earn new cards weekly.

- Donations: by making buttons, badgesets or donating images for a deck, you can earn some cards. Please check the Donating page to find out more information.

- Holidays/Birthdays: if it a KAT-TUN member's birthday is coming up, freebies may be given out, or on public holidays.
- If your birthday is coming up, fill out the Birthday form and you will receive: 2 cards of choice, & 1 Tagu skull.

- Levelling Up: when you have enough cards to level up you will receive 2 random cards. (To receive the cards, you must fill out the levelling up form.)

- Mastering a Deck:

Normal Deck - when you've collected all 12 or 18 cards of a normal deck, you've mastered it, and you receive a master badge, 1 choice card & 2 random cards or instead of the random cards & choice card, you can choose 1 special card.
- Please note that you must trade at least twice to master a deck. I check logs on a regular basis (with masteries) and if you have not traded twice, you probably won't get your mastery.
- The first master of a normal deck also gets a master badge with a K on it~, examples below of a couple of different types of master badge:
First master badge Third master badge Normal master badge

Special Deck - when you've mastered a special deck~ fill out the Mastering form and you will receive: 1 Master CD/badge, 1 choice card, 1 random choice skull & 3 random cards

Member Cards - every time you collect 12 member cards you can fill out a form and receive 1 choice card

- Member Referrals: if you refer a new member you will receive 1 random card.


- may change... XDDD
Levels Card Count Requirements to level up
Level K 6~100 none
Level KA 101~200 none
Level KAT 201~300 none
Level KAT-T 301~500 2 SC Tasks
Level KAT-TU 501~700 2 SC Tasks
Level KAT-TUN 701~900 Tokyo Dome
Level KAT-TUN! 901+ Tokyo Dome

- from Level KAT-T onwards, you need to complete a certain number of Shounen Club or Tokyo Dome activies. To understand what you need to do, please check the Shounen Club and Tokyo Dome pages.


Like almost all other TCG's, AON has currency~ ^^; perhaps a slightly different kind of currency...
The currency is "skulls" and there are 6 different types of currency:

What can you do with the skulls?

- Kame skull (the pink skull) can be traded in for 1 random card from any of these types of decks: Solo, Magazine, Pairing, Photobook or Themed

- Akan skull (red skull) can be traded in for 1 choice card from any of these types of decks: Solo, Magazine, Pairing, Photobook or Themed

- Tagu skull (orange) can be traded in for 1 random card from any of these types of decks: Commercial or Promotional Video (PV)

- Koki skull (yellow) can be traded in for 1 choice card from any of these types of decks: Commercial or Promotional Video (PV)

- Ueda skull (blue) can be traded in for 1 random card of any type... This is a special type of skull, in the sense that it can be used for any type of deck - except special cards.
Ueda skulls can also be used for retired cards

- Maru skull (purple) can be traded in for 1 choice card of any type. A Maru skull is the rarest kind of skull to get, because it can be used for any choice, magazine, solo, pv, cm, pairing, themed, retired and even special!

I think thats everything? If I have missed something, or there is something you don't understand, please feel free to email me.