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Build a Deck

Dash is a big support of AON, and he always likes to donate as much as he can, especially to our decks. Donate some images according to the theme that Dash wants to build a deck out of. However, he does have some rules that you have to abide by, so please read them carefully before donating.

Dash wants to make a deck with GLASSES!

So any pictures of KAT-TUN with GLASSES are fine.
(Note: while you can donate images every week, the theme will change monthly - or when we have enough images!)
- Please also try to use high quality images~ and images that are not too small. A good place to look is Boys Paper - because the scans there are HQ.
- Please try to make sure that images you send in are not already used in another deck.
- Also please try not to donate images of the same person! (Unless the deck is for one member XD)
- You can only donate 2 images a week!
- Also even if you donate 2 images every week - it does not mean that all the images will be in the deck!
- Below is a chart listing the number of images I have for each member! I need at least three for each member!

No. of Images:

00 00 00 00 00 00


- You will receive 1 card for each image donated.


1st Image:
2nd Image:
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