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Staff Question

Dash is freaky. Do you know why? Because he goes into the lives of the staff and sucks information out of them. But he's done this for you at AON. If you can answer one of his questions about the staff members correctly, then he'll give you a prize. If you manage to get three questions correct in a row, then Dash will reward you with a choice card.
Prize: 2 random cards & 1 kame skull

What KAT-TUN release is Satsuki's favourite?
A. Love yourself
B. Queen of Pirates
C. Real Face
D. Best of KAT-TUN


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Previous Answers

18th January - C. Rescue
14th December - A. Kamenashi
30th November - B. 7 days battle
16th November - D. Best of KAT-TUN
02nd November - A. Kouki
19th October - C. Kouki; Are you really saying, "I don't wanna be a duck" in PIERROT?
05th October - B. Taguchi Junnosuke.
01st September - D. Ueda Tatsuya.
18th August - C. Nakamaru Yuichi.
02nd August. A. 2001
07th July A. With Jin to an amusement park.