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Song Info

Dash is very up-to-speed with the info on the creators of KAT-TUN songs, such as lyricists, composers, and arrangers. Can you answer his questions correctly? (Please type the answer: given name, then surname (first name, last name) with no spaces and all lowercase).
Prize: 2 random cards & 1 random skull

Who wrote the music for the song care?

Previous Answers

18th January - Kobayashi Takeshi
14th December - Erik Lidbom
30th November - masanco
16th November - eco
02nd November - SPIN
19th October - Matsumoto Takahiro
05th October - Ami
01st September - zerorock
18th August - Himura Kyosuke
02nd August - Taguchi Junnosuke
20th July - soba
07th July - Ayumi Miyazaki