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A mysterious person has gone into Mi-chan's room and destoryed some of her favourite KAT-TUN photos! She has called Meitantei Satsuki to help her catch the cuplrit. This case seems to be too difficult for Meitantei Satsuki to handle on her own though. It's up to you, members of AON, to help Satsuki catch the culprit as well as find the missing weapon used to defile the photos!

The game is simple: gather* clues that are hidden around AON to figure out who the culprit is and the weapon he used. All the clues are hidden behind fingerprints that look similar to the one below. When you see one, click on it to be transported to a page with a clue or a lead to where you can find another clue.

We have reason to believe that the culprit is a member of KAT-TUN. You can use the clue card below to keep track of who has an alibi and which weapons were not used to commit the crime. When you discovered who the culprit and what the weapon is, fill out the form below to receive a reward for your hard work! Now get going! Oh, by the way, here are three clues to help you get started:

Clue #1: The culprit is right-handed.
Clue #2: The weapon does not leave a mark.
Clue #3: One of the members of KAT-TUN has an alibi: they were bungee jumping at that time.

Prize: 2 random special, 5 random cards, 1 Maru skull.
*Gathering does not mean saving the finger prints, but rather just gathering the information needed to solve the case.


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