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Maru's Trivia

Maru has arranged some questions that he wants to ask the members of AON. Each week, Maru will ask some questions based on a specific theme, so the theme will always be changing. The theme can range from KAT-TUN, other JE groups, or just general topics. There will be six different questions to each theme, and depending on how many correct answers, you'll receive a prize!

Possible Prizes
1 Correct: 1 random skull
2 Correct: 1 random card, 1 random skull
3 Correct: 2 random cards, 1 random skull
4 Correct: 3 random cards, 1 random skull
5 Correct: 3 random cards, 1 random special card
6 Correct: 4 random cards, 1 random special card, 1 maru skull

THEME: Elementary Math
Question 1: 1 + 4 =
Question 2: 6 x 6 =
Question 3: 90 / 3 =
Question 4: 2x + 4 = 14
Question 5: 9 + 3 - 4 x 7
Question 6: Pi = ?


1st Answer:
2nd Answer:
3rd Answer:
4th Answer:
5th Answer:
6th Answer:
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Previous Answers

Question 1: Is the orbit of the planets more circular or eliptical? Eliptical
Question 2: Which planet is the hottest in our solar system? Venus
Question 3: Which planet has shown signs of once having water? Mars
Question 4: Which planet in our solar system spins on its side? Uranus
Question 5: What causes the zodical light? Sun reflecting off of interplanetary dust
Question 6: A planetary nebula is formed when...? The fusion reactions within a star's center cannot continue to sustain it