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Freeze Frame

Dash is a special member of KAT-TUN whom the members of KAT-TUN have not met in a long time. But this doesn't mean that he's not tracking KAT-TUN still! He watches them on TV every day! Oh, but this TV seems to have messed up and took four differfent scenes and placed them on this screen. Can you help him put the scenes in order?
Prize: 2 random cards & 1 skull

The D-Motion on Music Station 2010.02.12
Youtube Link

Previous Answers

18th January - CDAB
14th December - ABCD
30th November - DABC
16th November - ADBC
02nd November - CBDA
19th October - BDCA
05th October - CBDA
01st September - ACDB
02nd August - DABC
20th July - BCAD
07th July - CDAB