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Good evening! XD Phew I feel tired today @_@!! Last week was pretty peaceful for me (had the house to myself) however despite the peace and quiet I didn't accomplish much! :( And now the house is full again ;_; which kinda sucks and is the reason why today's update has been so slow! XD Anyways as Satsuki said last week... I guess KAT-TUN is on holiday or something? But hopefully they're going to surprise us soon with a new single!!! :D So let's hope KAT-TUN does something soon! ^_^!!!


This week I've updated the KAT games including I Spy! XD So please go and play those games! ^^ I also replied to most of the I Spy forms, but I think a couple still needed replies?

You know whats sad? That's basically all I have to report this week, and is it just me or do TCG's seem to be REALLY quiet and dead at the moment? :( I hope things pick up soon~ and I really need to make you guys some more decks, sorry for the recent slackness!

Oh and does anyone want to see the pottery I made? :D (everyone: -__-;; no why would we want to see pottery you made?) I made plates & bowls in Japan and they just arrived today! ^^; I'm really happy with them *sad* anyways since I'm really tired I'm going to sign out now~

Have a great week~ ^^

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 23 Nov 2009 by Mi-chan

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