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Hello! :D I hope everyone had a good week? :D Mine was pretty busy and sorta eventful! ^^! But thats a good thing I guess, because it means I'm less distracted by silly things online! XDDD
Oh and apparently Satsuki has swine flu?! (Guess Joon gave it to her!! @_@!) I don't if she really does... but I do think she is sick with something! :( So... please send her lots of hugs :D since Satsuki loves people hugging her!!! Plus it'll make her feel better! And... I'm going to stop talking bullshit and get on with this update because I have to go out soon!


The TUN & DASH games are updated, so please go and play them! ^_^


Mikomi - Romantic & Santa


Woot. I actually made a deck this week ^_^ I wanted to make one more but I ran out of time, and maybe it's nicer to release one at a time?
You may all take one card from the deck and please comment to say what you're taking!

Anddddddddddddd because Junno's birthday was yesterday ^_^ you can also take one choice card featuring Junno! And no it can't be a card that allows you to master, sorry!

Hope everyone has a great week! ^_^ And see you all next week!!!

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 29 Nov 2009 by Mi-chan

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