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Wooooo I'm finally writing the update! 8D It's only taken me alllll day to get here ;D!! But thats okay~ at least its still today and not tomorrow! XD Ah, I want to apologise to everyone for the blah updates lately! It's not that I don't care about AON its just that a few things keep making it hard for me to update and to have a lot prepared for the updates! :( So I'm really sorry about that ;_; for example~ it took me 5 or 6 attempts to reply to a form today ._. because gmail kept dying on me. Which is also why I still haven't done all the forms ;_; I just got frustrated with gmail... and my sister keeps bugging me.... Anyways... Christmas is just around the corner :O I want to do something nice for that but I don't have any ideas... does anyone else? XD If so please email me? ^__^?


This week I've updated the TUN & DASH games! ^^;; So please play them? :D


Oooh we actually have a new affiliate this week! XD


Not a new deck but some decks up for possible retirement:
- Cool & Pop
- Off Holiday
- Ai-iro
- Kizuna
- Speed
- Camera

*cough* thats a lot XD I'll look through the mastery list again sometime soon @___@~

Oh and would everyone please give Satsuki lots of hugs and love? :D Please? ♥

Anyways hope everyone has a great week! :D
(oh and don't let me forget that I still need to send donation rewards to Papier! XD)

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 14 Dec 2009 by Mi-chan

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