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Girl, neo neun magic.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!! :D I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!! ^^ I'm really sorry for neglecting this TCG over this period~ its just its the busiest time of the year for me! I usually work full time~ and with family here it means I don't really get much time to come online! ^^ Anyways we're back XDD~ AND IS EVERYONE EXCITED FOR KAT-TUN'S NEW SINGLE? :DDD I know I am~ I was starting to feel like they'd never release anything soon! XDD


I've updated the KAT games this week! So go and play them! XD I'll try and do some more stuff later~ if I do I will edit here!


What a surprise 8D we have lots this week! XDDD
Alex - Rescue
Katoshi - DUES LE, Midnight & Nostalgia
Meiko - Your side
Papier - CKT Con, Smack, Kurogin
Sam - Dual Life, Ai-iro, CKT Con, Fantasist, Maru in NY, Nostalgia, Parasite, Autumn & Together

And I will be releasing some new decks soon~ I have started to work on some~ they're just not finished yet^^;

Have a great week everyone! :D
(Oh and our update title~ was thanks to Satsuki XD anyone know where its from? :P)

*edit* /CRY sorry for all the mistakes ;___;~ I will work harder on the next update (which is tomorrow...)

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 11 Jan 2010 by Mi-chan

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