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bom bom bom...

FDfkjdsfds!! XDDDD Hello~ e_e sorry for all my stuff ups last week! I guess I was feeling pretty tired when I was updating last week! ^^;; Anyways I had a few issues with this weeks update too ;_;! I'll mention that later~ ^^; um I've been thinking about a few things for AON~ and... still am! XD Like what to do about doubles and if you guys want pv decks retired or not? I've kinda forgotten what else I wanted to say... *runs* ._.


This week I updated the TUN & DASH games~ so feeel free to play them! I also updated Trade Pool with new cards, so yeah go and play/look! XD


only one this week!
Meiko - Best Friend & Ueda '08


Meiko donated two lovely sets of badges!!! :D


Welll... I decided to retire a bunch of decks that I've been ignoring for a while! (I love how~ everytime I retire decks ._. my FTP program has a hissy fit ~ and manages to move half of the TCG's cards into the retired cards folder! I think I got them all~ but if you notice something odd please tell me? XDD) Anyways~ I'll just mention that you can still collect retired decks~ and ask for them as choice cards etc~ (for masteries/maru/ueda skulls~) ^^; These are the decks retired:
- Cool & Pop
- Pajama
- Off Holiday
- Ai-iro
- Kizuna
- Speed
- Camera
- Having Fun
- After Dark

Also we have a new deck! 8D Everyone may take one card~ please comment to say what cars you took!

And thats everything this week? e_e Hopefully I haven't stuffed anything else up this week ._.! Forgive me for being a bit blah~ but I've spent the last 8+ hours working on AON~ so I'm a bit tired~ XDDD Have a great week and I'll see you all next week^^; Oh~ and last weeks title was from the song "mazeltov" by ZE:A~ anyone know where this weeks title is from? 8D (Yes, it's from a song~ 8DD)!

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 17 Jan 2010 by Mi-chan

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