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without you~

^^ Hi~ sorry about last weeks lack of update~ it was partially so people could take a card from the new deck if they wanted to. But I guess no one else wanted to D: Anyways~ yay KAT-TUN's new single is going to be released next Wednesday!! Woot! I can't wait to get my singles~ hehe~! I'm actually excited for a lot of releases this month~ and Satsuki is too! ^_^;
Hmm I don't actually have a lot to say this week~ so I will just get on with it! XD


The KAT games have been updated! :) So feel free to play them~


We have one this week! ^_^

(is it just me or do a lot of TCGs seem to be dying or dead lately? D:)


just one this week~ :D congrats to Katoshi!!
Katoshi - After Dark

And thats everything this week e_e~ hope everyone has a great week~ and I'll see you all next week! XD

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 31 Jan 2010 by Mi-chan

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