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Shiroi Kokoro

Hello! XD I'm running super late with this update sorry! D: This week is ending up much busier than I thought it would be!! But thats okay ;) because this time next week :P I'll be in Japan on holiday! XD Sorry! XDDD
Anyways I wanted to say that I'll leave an update ready for next Monday because I'll be on a plane! XD So don't be surprised if on the 8th an update pops up! XDDD I'll also try to check on AON while I'm away! :D Anyways I'll just get on with the update!


The TUN & DASH games are updated except Freeze Frame. ^^;;; Oh and tell me if Which song is (or isn't) working because....... well I don;t know. It might not be? Since it doesn't work for Tracey but it does for me? :S


We have one new affiliate this week! :D


Only one this week... XDD
Lily - Cool & Pop, Greetings, Jumpin', Junno in NY, Kizuna, Leisure, Radiation, Scoop & Stay

And that's everything this week! :D Have a great few weeks while I'm away! XD I will put up some freebies for you guys later, and also mention what games you're still allowed to play while I'm away! ^^;;

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 01 Sep 2009 by Mi-chan

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