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Yay? AON is back? XDDD

Hi! XD I'm back from my holiday obviously LOL! :D It was fantastic ;_; but it was over way tooo fast! :( Japan was awesome ;_; so much cute stuff! XD And it was also great to catch up with friends!! :D Anyways I hope things weren't too boring for you guys while AON was on hiatus? I'm running super late with todays update :( because I had a job trial yesterday and I was so nervous for it I couldn't concentrate on anything before! ^^;;;;;; And because I have to go soon I'll just get on with the update! XD


The KAT games have been updated this week! I'll try and work on some of the neglected games this week or on the weekend! ^^;


One new affiliate this week!


Only one again this week too! XD
Sam - Aikotoba & Leather

I'll try and get some decks made or something for next weeks update! Sorry its a bit boring this week~ but I guess I've been kinda busy... see you all next week! :D

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 28 Sep 2009 by Mi-chan

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