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Hello~~~! :D Ah, Happy Birthday to Ueda~ ^___^!! Sadly its not his birthday anymore! Hopefully he had an awesome day?! XDDDD Anyways, I'm running really late with this update ._. because of my new part time job! XD So yeah I have a second part time job now~ and ... I might have to change the day AON is updated... well it depends? I just have no idea when I'll be working but I guess I'll probably work Monday, which makes it impossible or difficult to update on Monday! D: Anyways, since I'm really tired... XDDD


The TUN & DASH games are updated! And blargh, I'm trying to decide what to do about the other neglected games! So I'm sorry about them not being updated, but things have been busy... and now I'm going to be even busier... anyways I'm thinking about them and what to do XD


We have two this week~ :D
Kilika - Jin in NY & Off Holiday
Papier - Beside & RF Shorty

And in honour of Uebo's birthday, you may take one normal choice card (non-masterable) ^^;; featuring Ueda for his birthday! ^^;;

Have a great week everyone! XD
Good night! XDD

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 05 Oct 2009 by Mi-chan

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