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on my mind...

Hi! XD Satsuki's comment this week is "I like farts"! :D Thank you for sharing, Satsuki! XDDDD She did actually say that, but its a bit out of context... hehe but thats okay! XD I feel a bit out of it right now ._. I swear I spent most of the day procastinating *hides* and doing random stuff~(*cough* poupee) so yeah sorry about that! I was going to try and make a new deck, but I spent so long yesterday trying to decide on the deck name (I really fail at coming up with deck names .__.) that in the end I'd wasted the whole afternoon! (Yes, I'm a super procastinator XD) And I'm going to stop rambling now @_@;


I've updated the TUN & DASH games! XD So go and play them? XDDDD I'm still deciding what to do about the other games D: and I'll be trying to update some of them next week with the KAT games...


We have one new affiliate this week! :D


Only one this week! XD
Sam - BEST, KTF LE, Maniac, Moment & Kame in NY
Congrats Sam on mastering so many decks!! :D

And yeah thats everything @____@;; sorry for the pretty blah updates we've been having lately! D: I really need to stop procastinating so much, and just make decks... even if they don't have names initially! XD
Have a great week everyone! XD

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 18 Oct 2009 by Mi-chan

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