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Love like this

Hiii! XDD I was seriously thinking that we'd have to skip this weeks update... because it's a public holiday (Labour Day :P) here! Most of the weekend I've been out @_@ and I didn't think I'd be home early today... or that I'd have time to work on the update! But you know I hate not updating AON! To me, Monday = AON day lol... because I usually spend most of Monday working on AON's update! XD

Anyways~ :D since I haven't got much to say in this weeks update... I'm just going to ramble away...! XD This weeks update title is thanks to Tracey (who just sent me the song "Love like this" by SS501 through msn...)! I was also wondering if anyone was also watching the K-drama "You're Beautiful"? XD I got addicted to this drama thanks to Plueschiii & Tracey! XD I'm such a drama addict :(!!


The KAT games have been updated! :D So go and play them!!!

Also ... Scrabble is working, ;D you just need to look carefully at the word in the box LOL... and if you think you have the answer check the official spelling of the song name! :P


I have started on one, but it's not finished yet :( expect to see it here next week! :( Really sorry about that...

And thats it for this week!! D: If you're feeling bored XD go and check out "You're Beautiful" *nods*!!! XD Oh and I'll just mention how happy I was at the lack of masteries this week LOL!! *shutting up now*

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 25 Oct 2009 by Mi-chan

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