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I will promise you...

Hi! XDDD JKSAHDSjkfh DID YOU ALL ENJOY MY HALLOWEEN TRICK? XDDD Yeah, thats right - KAT-TUN didn't release a new single or PV :(!! I was just tricking! XDDD Hehe sorry about that... but you know I love to trick people! :P Aside from that I realised a few things today :( that I completely forgot about Nakamaru's birthday- well it wasn't that I "forgot" but more like.... I got confused. I thought his birthday was the "4th of November" D: not the "4th of September" *fails*! I really fail at remembering birthdays! Plus it didn't help that it was the day before I went to Japan - so I had a lot on my mind! D: So I'm really sorry about that! I think I'll be apologising a lot this update, sorry! XD


I've updated all the KAT games with the exception of I Spy!!! I didn't update I Spy simply because I realised that there are a heap of unanswered forms in Satsuki's email! D: So I'll be trying to attack those in the next week or so (with the assistance of the lovely Tracey, who is going to be helping us out as staff)! ♥


I just wanted to continue on from the last paragraph~ and say that if you haven't had replies to emails please tell me? D: I don't check Satsuki's email (aon.taguchi) very often and I don't check Lily's (aon.kame) ever! XD So... I don't actually know if they're replying or not? ^^ So if you haven't had a reply in a few weeks please let me know?

AND also XD I've changed the rules on the forms page (everyone: -__-;;) simply because in the first place~ I meant "10 skulls a week" XD not........ that you could send in 2~3 forms a week LOL! I've also changed it so that you can only trade in 3 choice skulls at once~ sorry but it's just 10 masteries is a bit of a headache to process! ^^;;


Mystika_d - Gau Gau, Kusa & Camera

And finally ^_^ because Koki's birthday just passed (and OMG Nakamaru's 10 million years ago ;__;) you may all take one choice card with Koki and one with Nakamaru! Please comment to say what you're taking! :D And they're non-masterable LOL!

Have a great week everyone, I'll see you all next week! And a big thanks to Tracey for always helping me out so much! ♥

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 09 Nov 2009 by Mi-chan

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