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Ah I'm so sorry for the lack of an update last week! :( Everytime I thought of AON~ I was at work -_-; and when I got home I was so tired~ so I kept forgetting about it sorry! I know its not good enough ;_; so I'm really sorry about that! Last week was very busy for me ._. and tiring too! Anyways~ did everyone get their new singles? ^_^ What do you think of the songs? Have a favourite song? ^^ I don't yet because I haven't listened to it enough yet! XDD


This week I've updated the TUN & DASH games! ^^; Ah so please go and play them? :D

And because Valentines Day and my birthday^^; have just passed~ everyone may take two choice cards~ one with a 02 and one with a 14 on it! XD yes they can be masterable ;D

And thats everything this week ;D

see you all next week~ :)

Weekly Freebies

Posted on 14 Feb 2010 by Mi-chan

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